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About Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village

About Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village

Hall of Fame Village, LLC is the partnership between the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Industrial Realty Group (IRG) to create a mixed-use development located in a 200-acre tourism development district in Canton, Ohio.  Johnson Controls, through a historic naming rights partnership, now has its name on what is well on its way to being not only the first “smart” city but also the first IRG development project of its kind. 

This once-in-a-lifetime project, led by HOF Village LLC as advised by M. Klein & Company, aligns with Hall of Fame’s Mission, Values and Vision and its standing as “The Most Inspiring Place on Earth!” for all those who will play the Game, played the Game and love the Game. The foundation for a wide-ranging array of programming will be the Hall’s five core values – commitment, integrity, courage, respect and excellence – that can be learned from the Game.   

Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village will be a top destination for all, not just football fans, from across the world.   The Hall of Fame Museum will serve as the heart of Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village surrounded by the varied components being built around it.  In total, there will be ten additional components that will shape the landscape of George Halas Drive.

One of the major components include the new Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium for sports and entertainment that holds 23,000.  This spectacular venue is home to not only the three major events of the Enshrinement Week Powered by Johnson Controls (Hall of Fame Game, Enshrinement and Concert for Legends) but also the football programs of Canton McKinley High School, Walsh University, and the Ohio High School Athletic Association State Championship football game in the fall of 2018. In addition Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium will host the NCAA Division III National Football Championships in 2020 and 2021 and the Ohio High School Athletic Assocation State Championship football game again in the fall of 2019. In addition, it serves as an elite concert venue.  

Rounding out the components will be the The Performance Center; the Black College Football Hall of Fame, The Constellation Center of EXCELLENCE; Hotel & Conference Center; Player Care Center; National Youth Football & Sports Complex, Hall of Fame Promenade (premier retail/residential); and the Hall of Fame Experience and Waterpark.

"I can’t imagine a better teammate than Johnson Controls. They are a world-class company of character, virtue and integrity specializing in state-of-the art technology and innovative solutions that can help every fan live a 'Hall of Fame Life!' Johnson Controls represents all the excellence for which the Hall of Fame stands."

-David Baker

President & CEO, Pro Football Hall of Fame

"The vision and reach is greater than we ever could have imagined. The village is creating exciting, immersive experiences that bring people together in a way that has never been done before"

-Stuart Lichter

President and Chairman of the Board of IRG, Master Developer for the Village

The Ten Main Components to Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village

Hall Of Fame Museum

Hall Of Fame Museum

Museum Growth

Since opening in 1963, the Museum has successfully transformed its original 19,000 square feet into an exciting, internationally recognized institution and travel destination.

Expansion Project

The “Future 50” Expansion & Renovation Project which was completed in 2013 at a cost of $27 million dollars expanded the museum to 118,000 square feet.

A Game of Life

The Museum continues to journey into the future with the unveiling of its state-of-the-art technology spectacular “A Game for Life” immersive holographic theater which opened in July, 2016.

Tom Benson Hall Of Fame Stadium

Tom Benson Hall Of Fame Stadium


Starting with the infrastructure to support current and future enabling technologies our network of fiber and copper data cabling is extremely robust. All facets of HVAC, Fire & Safety, Lighting and Technology will be state-of-the art and provide fans a safe and seamless experience.

Game Changing Stadiums

20,000-seat stadium profiled by Forbes as one of the "13 Game-Changing NFL Stadiums" will have a permanent stage and added luxuries such as cabanas, rooftop observation deck, VIP loges and over 28,000 square feet of premium event space with unique catering options.

Additional Work

Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium was dedicated on Aug. 3, 2017.

National Youth Football & Sports Complex

National Youth Football & Sports Complex

Advanced Turf Fields

Eight advanced turf fields that will be multi-purposed, lighted and equipped with the latest technology and video capabilities.

World Class Amenity Sports Complex

The sports complex will include full world-class amenities, a football-sized concourse area and a championship field with 3,000 seats. All fields can accommodate a multitude of sports including football, lacrosse, rugby, and soccer.

Hotel and Conference Center

Hotel and Conference Center

One of a Kind Hotel

A spectacular, one-of-a-kind 243-room football-themed, upscale hotel.

Large Conference Center

25,000 square-feet of conference and meeting space.

Hall of Fame Experience and Waterpark

Hall of Fame Experience and Waterpark

Virtual Reality

An interactive and immersive virtual reality experience that places fans not only AT the game but IN the Game!


The indoor amusement park for football will also feature a football-themed waterpark that will be a must-see for all families

Constellation Center for Excellence

Constellation Center for Excellence

Coaches University

A Coaches University, an Institute for the Integrity of Officiating and an Academy of Corporate Excellence

Large Office Space

125,000 square-foot medical/office building

The Center for Performance

The Center for Performance

Sports Fields

100-yard football field and a configuration for a basketball arena that will hold 5,000

Convention Space

80,000 square feet of flat convention space

Player Care Center

Player Care Center

Health Care

Providing a wide range of sports related health care including testing and rehabilitation

Legend's Landing

LEGENDS LANDING, a football-themed independent and assisted living active senior care facility for retired Hall of Famers and members of the NFL’s Legends Community along with coaches, officials and administrators

Hall of Fame Promenade

Hall of Fame Promenade

Unique Offerings

Unique offering of restaurants and retail

World's Greatest Sports Bar

“World's Greatest Sports Bar” along with office and residential support

Black College Football Hall Of Fame

Black College Football Hall Of Fame

Permanent Home

A permanent home to share the history and stories of the greatest Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) football players, coaches, and contributors

Future Classic

Future BCHOF/HBCU Classic at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium

Annual Induction

Annual induction held at Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village


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